Body Contouring at Moradi MD of San Diego

Very few people look in the mirror and are completely satisfied with their appearance. More often than not, there is at least one problem area that seems to hold onto stubborn fat and keep patients from achieving the aesthetics they desire. While there are plenty of cosmetic surgery procedures that address these concerns and enhance the figure, what options are there for patients who wish to avoid surgical treatment? Fortunately, there are plenty of non­surgical body contouring treatments to choose from.

Body Contouring without Surgery – Our Treatment Options

Dr. Amir Moradi offers a number of non­surgical body contouring treatments to San Diego patients. These procedures can eliminate unwanted fat deposits, improve body contours, stimulate collagen production, and smooth out the appearance of cellulite. Patients who wish to learn more about body contouring without surgery are encouraged to contact Moradi MD to learn more about the treatment options outlined below.

Vanquish Fat Reduction

Vanquish Fat Reduction offers patients a non­surgical alternative to liposuction treatment. This treatment uses the power of radio frequency to safely and comfortably destroy stubborn fat deposits. During treatment, fat cells are heated up and destroyed so that they can be naturally eliminated from the body. With the precise control of the Vanquish METM device, this is done without damaging any surrounding tissues. Because this is a non­invasive treatment, patients remain awake throughout treatment. In fact, the entire procedure is performed without the use of any anesthesia. After completing a series of four treatment sessions, patients will begin to notice that the treatment area is more toned, tightened, and slender.


Since 2010, Dr. Moradi has been helping patients sculpt their body using CoolSculpting® technology. CoolSculpting® is a safe, affordable, non­invasive method for freezing and destroying unwanted fat cells. As with Vanquish Fat Reduction, these fat cells can be destroyed without damaging any surrounding tissue. Treatment typically takes one to two hours, during which time patients can sit back and relax or read a book. Once treatment is complete patients can return to their regular routines – there is no need for downtime. In the weeks and months following treatment the body will naturally eliminate the destroyed fat cells and patients will begin to see their body contours improve.

Exilis ELITE

Exilis ELITE uses monopolar radio frequency technology to smooth and tighten loose, sagging skin. This technique can improve body contours by reshaping areas such as the arms, back, abdomen, and legs. It can also be used to rejuvenate a patient’s facial features and neck area. Exilis ELITE does this by using radio frequency energy to stimulate the production of new collagen and strengthen and tighten the connective tissue bands in the skin. As with the other body contouring procedures offered at Moradi MD, this is done without surgery or injections. After just two to three treatment sessions, patients are likely to notice a dramatic improvement in the tone of the skin. In fact, many patients report that it looks as though the skin has been “lifted,” or as if cosmetic surgery has been performed.

Z Wave Cellulite Treatment

Patients who are concerned with the appearance of cellulite – those lumpy pockets of fat that make the skin appear rippled and uneven – may benefit from Z Wave cellulite treatment. A high energy radial treatment, Z Wave has been shown to dramatically reduce cellulite and improve skin firmness. This non­invasive procedure can be employed to improve the texture of the skin on its own, or be performed in conjunction with other body contouring treatments at our San Diego office to greatly enhance body contours.

VelaShapeTM Cellulite Treatment

VelaShapeTM is another non­surgical procedure that has proven to be very successful in smoothing and toning areas of the body affected by cellulite. VelaShapeTM has not only been shown to eliminate the appearance of skin rippling, but is also very effective in firming the skin, to the point that most patients benefit from substantial circumferential reduction. In as little as four to six treatment sessions, patients can expect to see a marked improvement in the texture and firmness of the treatment area. Patients seeking a solution for unwanted cellulite will find that this non­surgical body contouring treatment meets their needs.

Benefits of Non­Surgical Body Contouring

Great results can be achieved thanks to body contouring without surgery. These treatments not only help patients achieve their aesthetic goals, but also benefit them by offering a safer, more affordable way to enhance the body. Non­invasive treatment eliminates the need for a lengthy and painful recovery while also greatly mitigating any risks that may be involved with treatment.

Patients looking to correct minor cosmetic flaws will find non­surgical body contouring treatment is for them.

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Many individuals would like some help to improve their body contours, but are reluctant to undergo surgical treatment. If this is the case, patients should contact Moradi MD to learn more about the non­surgical body contouring procedures offered at our San Diego practice. These non­invasive procedures can offer the results patients are looking for, without the downsides of surgery.