Moradi M.D. of San Diego Offers Fat Transfer

As we age, our body’s collagen levels begin to decrease. Along with the aging process, sun exposure and the thousands of facial expressions we make on a daily basis all contribute to collagen’s loss. When three-dimensional contouring is added to a cosmetic surgical procedure, facial rejuvenation can be greatly enhanced. To add contouring, fat can be removed from where it isn’t needed, such as the jawline, or jowls, neck, etc., and placed, by microlipoinjection, in the lips, nasal area, or chin. A patient’s own fat is the ideal filler—no allergies, rejection, or movement.

The Fat Transfer Procedure

The reliability and longevity of the fat transfer procedure has been greatly improved since it was first introduced. Microlipostructure’s multiple thin strips of compacted fat injected in multiple crisscross layers provides lasting face building and contouring. In some areas, such as the lips, multiple injections are needed. In other areas such as the eyes, only one injection may be necessary. The fat transfer procedure can be a part of the facelift bypass surgery, with the skin lasered tight over the new contours.

With safe fat transfer treatments, facial areas that have sunken and are showing signs of aging or wrinkling are filled out with your own natural filler. Contour your face and add definition to your cheeks and chin with this all-natural solution for a more youthful looking you!

Dr. Moradi is certified by The American Board of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeons. He provides a complimentary consultation at his San Diego practice. To schedule your consultation, please call (760) 726-6451.