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For many people, the neck area is one of the most persistent trouble spots in keeping a youthful appearance. With age, the skin, fat, and muscles of the face lose their tone and succumb to gravity, and they all make their way to the neck. Depending on your age, your anatomy, and your overall weight, you may end up with either a turkey gobbler or a number of extra “chins.” Many of these problems can be addressed with a neck lift, possibly in combination with facial liposuction.

The Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift is essentially a variation of a Facelift, which targets only the neck area. The goal of a neck lift is to tighten the skin and muscles of the neck to give a good definition to the chin to cervical point line, including the jawbone, as well as trying to make the neck look slender and youthful. The procedure can correct:

  • Sagging of the neck
  • Banding of the neck
  • Multiple chins
  • Poorly defined jawline

In addition, the procedure can be combined with liposuction to remove extra fat in the neck area, or with a chin implant to correct a weak or receding chin. Implants can also be placed along the jawline if necessary to create the proper definition between the chin and neck. However, targeting hanging jowls requires the use of a facelift.

In a neck lift, a small incision is made in front of each ear, and a small incision may also be made just below the chin. Then the skin is pulled into a tighter position, where it is anchored using sutures. The neck muscles, whose laxity contributes to the banding in the neck, are tightened. Excess skin is removed.

The neck lift recovery is slightly shorter than the recovery period for a full facelift. When you leave our office after your procedure, you will be using an antibiotic and pain medication, which should prevent infection and keep pain and discomfort to a minimum.

We will wrap your chin and neck in supportive dressings. You should rest at home for the recovery period, but bed rest is not necessary. Keep your head elevated and straight when you lie down and when you sleep, using a frame of pillows to keep your head aligned overnight.

Dr. Moradi is certified by The American Board of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeons. He provides a complimentary consultation at his San Diego practice. To schedule your consultation, please call (760) 726-6451.

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