Small Incision Face Lift San Diego

The Small Incision Face Lift by Dr. Amir Moradi

At Moradi, M.D. in San Diego we perform this facelift using a two to four inch incision in front of the ear that lifts the lower face and upper neck. Advantages to the small incision facelift are that it can be done under local anesthesia in the office, with less risk and lower cost. The healing is quick and often people can return to work within a few days, although strenuous activity should be avoided for longer period.

Small Incision Face Lift Procedures

By definition, small incision facelifts are procedures that use as small of an incision as possible to tighten the face and the neck. These procedures include, small incision SMAS lift, S-lift, Quick lift, MACS lift and Life Style lift.

Each different small incision facelift can lead to a different result. The best result is defined as facial rejuvenation that looks completely natural, without any obvious signs of surgery.

So what sets apart the Small Incision Moradi Lift from the rest? The incision is made in a way so that it can heal with minimal visibility. The SMAS, which is the muscle and fascia layer of the face, is elevated so that it lifts the face in a natural direction. This prevents the wind tunnel look that can be caused by other facelifts that stretches the skin to get a lift. Small Incision Moradi Lift requires a high level of training and experience thus not all surgeons are able to perform this procedure. In more simple terms; The Moradi Small Incision lift is a comprehensive lift using a minimal invasive approach to rejuvenate the lower face and upper neck in a youthful and natural fashion.

Dr. Moradi is certified by The American Board of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeons. He provides a complimentary consultation at his San Diego practice. To schedule your consultation, please call (760) 726-6451.