NeoGraft® Hair Transplant is the Latest in Hair Restoration Technology

Hair loss is a common side effect of aging. And yet, whether an individual expects it or not, it can still be extremely disheartening to experience the loss of hair. For many patients this is a great source of embarrassment and a significant blow to one’s confidence. People living with hair loss should realize that they are not alone. This condition affects a great number of people, both male and female. Of course, Dr. Amir Moradi understands that knowing that hair loss is a common condition doesn’t make it any easier to live with. This is why he utilizes the latest in hair restoration technology to offer NeoGraft® FUE hair transplant to his San Diego patients.

NeoGraft® is a faster, safer, and more precise hair transplant procedure that offers patients the opportunity to restore density and volume to the hair line. With NeoGraft® treatment, patients can not only restore lost or thinning hair, but their self­confidence as well. Individuals wishing to learn more about this revolutionary hair loss treatment are encouraged to contact Moradi MD to schedule a consultation.

NeoGraft® Technology

NeoGraft® is an automated device used for follicular unit extraction (FUE) to harvest hair follicles for transplant. This technology is far more advanced than manual extraction and allows for hair follicles to be harvested with greater speed and precision. NeoGraft® is a minimally invasive technique which also results in a faster and more comfortable period of recovery for patients undergoing hair transplant. It represents the current state­of­the­art for hair transplant technology, and helps Dr. Moradi achieve tremendous results for his patients.

The FUE Procedure

FUE is a method of hair transplant surgery and is less invasive than the more common “strip” surgery technique. Whereas the strip procedure involves the removal of an entire strip of hair
follicles from the donor site, using the FUE method Dr. Moradi is able to harvest individual follicular units, each containing around three to four hair follicles. These smaller grafts are
collected using smaller incisions (which require no stitches to close); leave behind smaller, less noticeable scars; and result in a faster recovery time, all of which make the FUE procedure far more desirable than a strip transplant.

By combining NeoGraft® technology with the FUE hair transplant method, Dr. Moradi is truly able to offer patients the most advanced and advantageous option for hair transplant treatment.

Below are just some of the benefits of the NeoGraft® FUE procedure:

  • Superior, natural­looking results
  • Advanced precision using the least invasive hair transplant techniques
  • Little to no discomfort during treatment or recovery
  • Fast recovery with little activity restrictions for patients

Many of the risks and downsides associated with traditional hair transplant surgery are dramatically mitigated (or eliminated altogether) with NeoGraft® FUE hair transplant surgery. For this reason, it is the procedure of choice at Moradi MD.

NeoGraft® FUE Candidates

NeoGraft® technology and the FUE hair transplant method are both minimally invasive and are considered very safe and precise options for hair restoration. Therefore, the majority of men and women who have experienced hair loss are considered ideal candidates for a NeoGraft® FUE procedure. Individuals who may be particularly good candidates include the following:

  • Patients looking for a faster recovery
  • Patients who prefer less activity restrictions following the hair transplant procedure (e.g., athletes or outdoors men and women)
  • Patients who would like the option of wearing the hair short after their hair transplant
  • Patients wishing to camouflage a scar left by a previous strip harvest procedure
  • Patients who want to harvest follicles for body hair transplant

As with any cosmetic procedure, the best way for a patient to determine if he or she is an ideal candidate for NeoGraft® FUE treatment is to consult with Dr. Moradi and his team.

NeoGraft® Costs

Hair loss is a condition that affects each individual differently. As a result, no two NeoGraft® FUE hair transplants will be exactly the same. Therefore, it is not possible to estimate FUE hair transplant costs without meeting with an individual to examine his or her specific needs.

However, Dr. Moradi does pride himself on offering patients affordable treatment options that allow them to meet their aesthetic goals without breaking their budget.

Learn More About NeoGraft® Treatment

NeoGraft® FUE transplant surgery has helped many individuals address hair loss and restore a thicker, fuller head of hair. If hair loss is a problem for patients, and they would like to learn more about the NeoGraft® procedure, they are encouraged to contact Moradi MD to set up a hair restoration consultation today.