Dr. Amir Moradi of San Diego Can Help You Choose the Right Injectable Dermal  Filler

Injectable dermal filler options have grown tremendously in recent years. Years ago, Collagen injections were popular for their ability to correct age-related wrinkles and to plump lips. The main drawback to collagen was its relatively short lifespan—approximately four months of good results could be expected. In addition, many collagens were animal-derived, which led to allergic reactions.

Promise of improved outcomes, combined with the significant shortcomings of collagen, led to the development of new types of dermal filler that offered patients safe, consistent, long-lasting results. Now a number of new, technologically-advanced alternatives have been developed, leaving those seeking non-invasive cosmetic treatments with a broad choice. At Moradi MD, we want to help our patients understand the benefits and disadvantages of the multitude of options available to them today.

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer produced by the body, and the basic ingredient in Restylane®, Perlane®, and JUVÉDERM®. Although these three fillers function basically the same, there are distinctions between them and these distinctions affect when, where, and how they are used.

The main difference between Restylane, Perlane, and JUVÉDERM is that JUVÉDERM is manufactured to produce a smooth gel, whereas both Restylane and Perlane have a granular texture, with Perlane having larger texture than Restylane. The advantage of JUVÉDERM’s smoother texture is that it causes less irritation upon injection and can produce better cosmetic results in some areas, especially for lip augmentation. Although sometimes people have swelling for two or three days after Restylane and Perlane injections, swelling following a JUVÉDERM injection rarely lasts more than 24 hours, and sometimes not at all.

There is a trade-off, however, with the finer textured JUVÉDERM. The granular texture of Restylane and Perlane makes them more resistant to decomposition by the body, so they tend to give longer results, especially in dynamic areas (where lots of movement is present), such as the nasolabial folds or parentheses lines around the mouth. In addition, Perlane’s even larger texture makes it suitable for injection into some of the deeper fat pockets whose reduction is responsible for some of the loss of facial contouring indicative of aging.

Composite Filler: Radiesse®

Radiesse is a filler composed of two parts: a methylcellulose carrier gel and calcium hydroxylapatite (CHA) microspheres. Methylcellulose is a highly biocompatible material and is quickly digested by the body, but the CHA is more resistant. CHA was first used as a bone filler, and although it is highly compatible with the body it is slow to digest, so it provides long-lasting results. Whereas JUVÉDERM results last for up to 12 months and Restylane and Perlane results last for six months to a year, clinical studies have shown that over 80% of patients receive more than one year of full wrinkle correction from Radiesse injections.

Dermal filler treats different wrinkles than are treatable with BOTOX® Cosmetic. If you would like to learn more about these injectable dermal fillers and which might be right for your particular situation, read our injectables FAQ page.

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