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JUVÉDERM is a smooth injectable gel designed to treat deep wrinkles by supplementing your skin’s volume, which diminishes with age. JUVÉDERM is recommended for treating what is often called parentheses—the lines around the mouth, including smile lines and marionette lines. It is a hyaluronic acid-based filler, like Restylane® and Perlane®.

Hyaluronic acid has taken the place of collagen as the best natural filler material. Unlike the source of most collagen injections, JUVÉDERM and other hyaluronic acid based fillers are not animal-based so no allergy testing is necessary, and allergic responses to the compounds are rare.

As a class, injectable treatments offer a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional facelifts, S-Lifts, or mini-lifts. Injectables are ideal for those who need only focused treatment of small areas of wrinkles and prefer repeated update treatments to a longer recovery time.

How does JUVÉDERM Work?

During the JUVÉDERM procedure, a small needle is used to inject tiny amounts of filler under the skin in the areas to be treated. Topical anesthesia may be used to lessen discomfort. If necessary, the doctor or nurse may massage the treated area.

There may be some minor swelling, pain, or redness after your treatment, but these do not generally last more than a day. For at least 24 hours after your treatment, it is best to avoid strenuous activity, exposure to the sun, and excessive heat.

Before and After Juvederm xc

How Long Will JUVÉDERM Last?

Like other hyaluronic-acid-based fillers, your body will absorb JUVÉDERM over time. The effects of treatment may last for six months, but the procedure is safe to repeat at any time to adjust your look for the desired results. In addition, studies have recently shown that the absorption of injected hyaluronic acid can have long-term positive effects on the health of your skin.

Maintain your look with a re-treatment every three months or as needed.

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