Smooth Wrinkles with Radiesse® Cosmetic Dermal Filler

As the body ages, its physical features change. The face and hands, in particular, are prone to showing the signs of aging. This marked contrast in appearance often results not only from the physical changes of aging (loss of skin elasticity, lower production of collagen, etc.), but also prolonged exposure to harsh environmental elements, such as the sun. While facial surgery can address many common signs of aging on the face, there are no like surgical treatment options for improving the appearance of the hands. Besides which, many patients are seeking a less-invasive solution than cosmetic surgery. Dr. Amir Moradi provides that solution in the form of Radiesse® cosmetic dermal filler.

Offered at the San Diego practice of Dr. Moradi, Radiesse® wrinkle reducer can fill in sunken facial features, enhance the facial structure, and erase signs of imperfections (such as lines, wrinkles, and deep creases) from not only the face, but the hands as well. Individuals looking for a minimally invasive treatment that will dramatically enhance the natural beauty of their skin should contact Moradi MD to learn more about Radiesse®.

The Radiesse® Difference

There are many cosmetic injectable treatments that allow a patient to fill in sunken facial features, improve facial contours, and soften lines and wrinkles in the hands. However, Radiesse® cosmetic dermal filler offers several distinct features that distinguish it from these alternatives, including:

  1. Radiesse® is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite and methylcellulose, which are minerals naturally found in the bones and teeth.
  2. Radiesse® is completely biocompatible, non­allergenic, and non­toxic. This eliminates the need to conduct an allergy test before treatment.
  3. Radiesse® resists absorption by the body. This means that it stays in place and acts as a framework for collagen production.
  4. Radiesse® can be used on the hands to address protruding veins, hollowness, and thin skin.
  5. The effects of Radiesse® treatment can last for up to one year, longer than any other dermal
    filler on the market.

    Radiesse® for the Hands

    Recently, the FDA has approved Radiesse® for injection on the hands, as a complement to its use as a facial filler. The face and hands are both areas that are likely to show signs of aging, so if the face is treated and the hands are not, there will likely be a marked difference in the appearance between the two. Now, Dr. Moradi can use Radiesse® to fill out hollow hands, minimize the appearance of protruding veins, and give the hands a softer, more youthful appearance. By treating both the face and hands with Radiesse® dermal filler, the results that are achieved will appear more uniform and natural. Many of our patients express concern that after undergoing cosmetic treatment, their hands still appear old and wrinkled – with Radiesse®
    cosmetic dermal filler, we can now correct this.


    While many aspects of Radiesse® treatment set it apart from other dermal filler options, the treatment procedure for this wrinkle reducer is very similar to that of other injectables. First, an optional numbing cream will be applied to the skin at the treatment site. This is meant to greatly minimize, if not completely eliminate, any discomfort during treatment. Radiesse® will then be injected into the treatment site in small amounts. Because the patient is completely alert throughout treatment, he or she can provide feedback in regards to the results that are being achieved, and adjustments can be made accordingly. When Dr. Moradi and the patient are
    satisfied, treatment will be complete.

    The entire procedure typically takes just 15 minutes, yet results can last up to a year in some cases. Following treatment patients may experience a slight swelling of the treatment site. This swelling may last up to a week, but typically subsides within a couple of days. Within a week after treatment most patients will benefit from the full results of treatment – fuller, smoother, more youthful­looking skin.

    Radiesse® Candidates

    Because Radiesse® is biocompatible and treatment is minimally invasive, this is a safe treatment option for virtually all patients. Patients who are most likely to benefit from Radiesse® treatment include those who wish to address the following cosmetic concerns:

    • Sagging, hollow skin on the face or hands
    • A loss of facial volume or definition
    • Soft lines or wrinkles
    • Severe creases or folds of skin
    • Protruding veins on the hands
    • Thinning skin on the hands

    Radiesse® cosmetic dermal filler is particularly ideal for patients looking for a more affordable, less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, as well as those not yet ready to commit to the permanent alterations provided by facial surgery. Radiesse® results, although long­lasting, are not permanent, and can be altered over time, as necessary.

    Radiesse® Cost

    As with any cosmetic treatment, Radiesse® is personalized to meet each patient’s specific needs. As such, every procedure is unique. For this reason, the best way to get an accurate estimate of Radiesse® costs is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Moradi.

    While Radiesse® is more costly than some alternative non­surgical treatment options, the results last longer than nearly all other dermal fillers, making it a cost­effective option for most. Radiesse® dermal filler and wrinkle reducer is also significantly less expensive than surgical treatment, and with none of the potential risk. Patients interested in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles on their face or hands will likely find that this treatment option is for them.

    Learn More

    Individuals who are looking for an effective, affordable, and minimally­invasive solution for lines, wrinkles, and loss of facial definition owe it to themselves to learn more about Radiesse® cosmetic dermal filler. These patients should contact Moradi MD at their earliest convenience to find out if such treatment is right for them.