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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer in Body Contouring- San Diego, CA

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A fat transfer is a procedure that uses liposuction technology to extract unwanted fat from certain areas of the body to place it in areas that lack volume. This procedure conducted at Moradi MD in San Diego, CA, can be an effective way to eliminate cellulite as well as offer body contouring and reshaping benefits. The results can last for several years, depending on the patient's body and procedure. If you think a fat transfer may be right for you, then call our San Diego office to schedule a consultation with our board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Amir Moradi. 

Surgical Technique

During this procedure, fat is removed from the donor sites via liposuction. An antibiotic solution is used which allows for a complete separation of the fat so that only healthy tissue is used for reinjection. This fat is prepared in syringes and slowly reinstated into the body part where shape and contour are needed. During the injection process, the area will be slowly massaged so the fat deposits settle in compact layers for the best contour finish possible. Normally, multiple injections are necessary to create an even spread of fat and achieve an ideal outcome.

During/After Surgery

Fat transfer treatment is performed with general anesthesia when it covers larger areas while local anesthesia or IV sedation is used if the area to be treated is small. Both methods will be treated as an outpatient treatment at an accredited surgical facility. The procedure will cause swelling and bruising on both the removal and injection sites. These side effects will subside in a few days. Recovery time depends on several factors, including how many body parts were involved in the surgery, as well as how much fat was transferred. Scarring is generally minimal with this procedure as the incisions made are just big enough for the cannula to be inserted. 

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Fat Transfer FAQs

How Long do the Results Last?

A fat transfer procedure can give results that will last for years. While the concern of fat reabsorption is something to consider, a skilled surgeon will be able to maximize the outcome by using the tested techniques in terms of fat layering. There is an ongoing research study that promises long-term stability of these grafted fat tissues, which involves Platelet Rich Plasma to enhance fat cells before transplanting them into the body.

Create a Slimmer Silhouette

If you're suffering from stubborn areas of fat and cellulite in unwanted places and desire a more contoured physique, a fat transfer procedure could be the right option for you. It's an effective way to not only reduce cellulite, but to also add fullness and shape to other areas of your body.  Schedule a free consult with our San Diego office today.

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