What Is Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

For most people, their body is a major point of discomfort. They see loose skin, cellulite, fat, and other imperfections, which can cause major blows to their self-confidence. At Moradi M.D. Cosmetic Surgery, we want patients to love the reflection they see in the mirror. For this reason, we utilize the Exilis Ultra to rejuvenate the arms, buttocks, legs, and abdomen of our patients. This groundbreaking technology is able to simultaneously focus on three different aspects of your body: skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and fat loss. Visit our practice in San Diego, CA today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Amir Moradi and discuss your options regarding nonsurgical body contouring with the Exilis Ultra.

Am I An Ideal Candidate For Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

Typically, nonsurgical body contouring with the Exilis Ultra is effective for men and women of virtually all ages. However, there are certain factors that may make some patients more suitable than others. For instance, patients should be in good general health at the time of the procedure and have noticeable amounts of loose or sagging skin. We usually recommend this treatment for patients who have had little to no success with injectables or those who want longer-lasting results.

The Exilis Ultra can be used to contour the following areas of the body:

  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Hands
  • Face
  • Lips
  • Legs
  • Abdomen

How Is Nonsurgical Body Contouring Performed?

Before the procedure begins, patients will either lie down or sit up, depending on the area being targeted. Dr. Moradi will then pass the Exilis Ultra over the treatment area. During this time, he can monitor and control the temperature being emitted from the device in order to precisely sculpt the body to the patient's desires. This revolutionary technology combines ultrasound and radiofrequency in order to gently heat deep layers of the skin.

In turn, this stimulates the body's natural production of collagen and elastin, which are the nutrients responsible for keeping the skin healthy, firm, and glowing. Throughout the treatment, patients will feel alternating sensations of cold and warmth as the device treats their body. Generally, nonsurgical body contouring sessions last only around 15 – 30 minutes per targeted area, making them easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

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What Results Can I Expect From Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

There is no downtime or recovery associated with nonsurgical body contouring. Patients will be free to return to their normal lives as soon as they leave our office. While some results will likely be noticeable after just one treatment, we usually recommend 2 – 4 sessions spread out over two-week intervals in order to help patients achieve the best possible results. Final results are usually visible around three months after your last session as the collagen in your body begins to reach its peak levels of production. At this point, patients usually notice significantly tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, and a more lively appearance.

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Sculpt The Body Of Your Dreams

For patients looking to achieve tighter, younger-looking skin, look no further than the Exilis Ultra. This state-of-the-art body contouring technology can quickly and effectively reshape your body to look like how you've always wanted. Dr. Amir Moradi is highly experienced in using this device for patients of many sizes and ages. To learn more about this treatment, schedule an appointment at Moradi M.D. Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego, CA today.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.

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