Your neck is typically one of the first visible areas to lose its firm, youthful quality due to constant motion, genetics, and reduced amounts of collagen and elastin. As the years go by, submental fat (a double chin) can appear. Folds in the skin develop, and the neck and jawline begin to sag, giving you an aged look that is impossible to hide with cosmetics or clothing. This procedure involves removing excess skin, vertical bands, and fat and surgically tightening the “deep plane,” the underlying supporting structure of the face and neck. The end result? A firmer, youthful, refined look that appears entirely natural, not pulled.

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What makes Moradi MD stand out from the rest?

Dr. Moradi is a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience and a reputation for excellence. His private, state-of-the-art aesthetic clinic is recognized as being one of the best overall centers in the United States. Moradi MD is not only a practice dedicated to enhancing your beauty through the science and art of facial rejuvenation but one of the busiest clinical research facilities in the country, where new techniques, technologies, and treatments are researched, tested, and implemented. Our patients have access to more treatment options than most other practices can offer.

What is the deep plane neck lift procedure?

This procedure involves an incision beneath the chin that is virtually invisible once healed. Excess fat is often removed with gentle liposuction. The supporting tissues are gently and precisely lifted and tightened to restore the neck to the position it had before stretching and sagging. If you have vertical bands on your neck, they are resolved with this type of neck lift, which is performed with precision and the most advanced techniques. 

What is a deep plane neck lift?

The “deep plane” is a layer of connective tissues beneath the skin, supporting and covering the facial muscles. In a deep plane neck lift, this tissue, along with the skin, is lifted and tightened, restoring the overlying skin to its youthful position without tension for a natural-looking outcome. This approach leads to a result that is far superior to conventional neck surgery.

Why choose Moradi MD for a neck lift?

A neck lift, in an ideal world, will create an elegant, youthful presentation and will not look like it was achieved with surgery – and this is where Dr. Moradi excels. His advanced surgical techniques, experience, and focus on achieving the most natural look possible have led to a reputation for excellence in facial plastic surgery. 

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What does the surgery entail?

This procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure, either under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia. The surgery typically requires about two hours to complete. The anesthesia makes the procedure painless, and in fact, you will remember little or none of the actual surgery but will regain awareness after it is complete. Your resculpted neck will be protected with surgical dressings. Once you are released, you can return home to rest and recover, driven by another adult. 

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What is the recovery time after a deep plane neck lift?

The recovery time varies, as every person heals at a different rate. Generally, you can expect bruising and swelling, which peaks at about the three or four-day mark and then subsides rapidly. Your neck area will feel numb and tight in the first stage of healing. You will have pain medication to ensure the first few days are comfortable. You will need to avoid any risk of impact on the neck area and take the time to rest and allow your body to heal. Within about two to three weeks, you should feel confident in revealing your new look!

If you are experiencing loose or sagging skin around your neck or chin due to the effects of aging or sudden weight loss, a neck lift can restore the sculpted, refined jawline and upper neck of youth. For more information, you are invited to a free consultation to speak with us about your hopes and dreams, meet our staff, and experience our state-of-the-art private aesthetic center. We have provided answers to some of the most common questions we are asked about our custom neck lift procedures here.

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Neck lift FAQ

Will a deep plane neck lift remove a double chin?

Can vertical bands be smoothed with a deep plane facelift?

Will a deep plane neck lift remove a double chin?

If you are one of the millions of people who have fat beneath your chin, a deep plane neck lift can restore a refined, sculpted neck contour, with excess fat and skin removed for good.

Can vertical bands be smoothed with a deep plane facelift?

If you have visible vertical bands that appear whenever you speak or laugh, a deep plane facelift may be the procedure that will restore the smooth, elegant structure of your neck.

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