The laser heat targets the follicles, rendering them unable to produce hair. Our board-certified physician assistants use the Gentle YAG laser to remove unwanted hair from various body areas.

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Why choose Moradi MD for laser hair removal?

Moradi MD is a top-of-the-line cosmetic center that offers advanced laser hair removal treatments delivered by board-certified medical professionals. Our state-of-the-art facilities were built to ensure you have access to a comfortable, professional environment for safe and effective care. Dr. Moradi has built an acclaimed practice dedicated to enhancing beauty with the world’s best treatments.

What areas of the face or body can be resolved with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be performed on all areas of the face and body:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Other facial areas
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Bikini zone
  • Back
  • Arms 
  • Chest

To remove the maximum amount of unwanted hair, a series of treatment sessions are necessary. Each session requires about 15 to 20 minutes, with little to no recovery time, which can easily fit into a lunch hour or busy schedule. Call Moradi MD to learn more about how laser hair removal can help you.

The Moradi MD difference

Moradi MD differs from other centers in several ways. Our founder, Dr. Amir Moradi, is a double-board-certified facial and reconstructive surgeon who has established one of the busiest clinical research centers in the country. Every member of our team of professionals is focused on ensuring a positive impact on the lives of patients. We believe that looking and feeling confident is essential to every person, and have devoted years of training and experience to this endeavor. The center is dedicated to advancing the frontier of cosmetic science through innovation and research.

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What is laser hair removal like to experience?

Laser hair removal at Moradi MD is easy to experience – far more effective and less painful than older techniques like electrolysis. You will feel a snapping sensation on your skin, which in some areas may be slightly uncomfortable, based on the size of the area treated. A numbing cream can be applied to make the journey to hair-free skin more comfortable. An ice pack can also be used between pulses to help with discomfort.

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How many treatments will I need?

During laser hair removal, a series of appointments are necessary, as the follicles treated are in the “growth phase” while other hair follicles are in the “resting phase”. An average of three to five treatments are needed to address the entire area, and yearly follow-up treatments may be advised.

Each laser hair removal session is spaced between three to four weeks apart to allow for your skin to recover and follicles to enter the growth phase. During the procedure, the laser can precisely target the hair follicle roots. The follicle absorbs the heat and is unable to produce hair.

What is the post-treatment experience?

Your sessions may take from 15 minutes to an hour to complete. Larger areas, such as the back, legs, or arms, take more time, as there are far more hair follicles to target. You can resume regular activity after treatment, but the area treated will feel like it is sunburned. Avoid vigorous exercise and direct sun exposure for about 24 hours to calm the skin.

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After treatment 

Patients will feel a slight sting on the area that is being treated. The laser beam can sting slightly, but a cold ice pack can be applied between pulses to limit discomfort. Sessions may last 15 minutes to an hour for larger areas, such as the back. Although patients can resume regular activity after their sessions, the treated areas will look and feel similar to a sunburn. Patients should avoid exercise for about 24 hours to allow the skin to calm, and direct sun exposure should be avoided as well.

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Are you a candidate for laser hair removal?

Individuals with light skin and dark hair are usually the best candidates for laser hair removal. That being said, individuals with varying skin tones and hair colors may be appropriate for the treatment. 

For the laser light to “find” the hair follicle and effectively treat it, it must “see” it. Therefore, those with light skin and light blond hair are usually not appropriate candidates.

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Meet with us about laser hair removal

We invite you to meet with us in a private consultation to discuss laser hair removal and any other aesthetic treatments, whether surgical or non-surgical. We serve the areas of Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Encinitas, San Diego, Escondido, Oceanside, Rancho Santa Fe, and Del Mar.

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