What Is Emsella?

While urinary incontinence can often be a sensitive subject to discuss, the simple fact is that many men and women alike struggle with this condition, often due to childbirth, menopause, age, or any other number of factors. Many treatments have been created to remedy urinary incontinence, though none have proven to be as easy as EMSELLA, a unique device that is able to deliver thousands of muscular contractions to the pelvic floor within a single session. Our talented staff at Moradi M.D. is highly experienced in utilizing this revolutionary technology in order to restore control of the bladder. Contact our office in San Diego, CA today to discuss your options with Dr. Amir Moradi or any of our other team members.

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How Is Urinary Incontinence Treatment Performed?

EMSELLA is designed to look like a chair, allowing patients to sit on it comfortably and completely clothed. Once activated, the device will begin to send out high-frequency electromagnetic energy directly into the pelvic floor. This causes the associated muscles to tightly contract over and over again. Functioning much like traditional exercise, these contractions damage the muscle fibers and stimulate the body's natural ability to repair the tissue, which leads to stronger muscles in the area. An at-home treatment, known as Kegels, works similarly, though one 30-minute session with EMSELLA is the equivalent of about 11,000 Kegels. These contractions are not typically described as painful, though patients do describe feeling tingling. Throughout the procedure, patients often feel comfortable enough to read, watch TV, or carry on a conversation, making it even easier to pass the time.

What Results Can I Expect From Emsella?

As there are no invasive methods used during this form of urinary incontinence treatment, patients will be free to return to their daily lives at the immediate conclusion of their session. Though some men and women may notice a bit of improvement after just one treatment, we usually recommend scheduling six sessions over a span of about three weeks in order to ensure you achieve the best possible results. Within just weeks after their final session, most patients are able to have full confidence in their ability to control their bladder.

Better Bladder Control With Emsella

Talk to Dr. Moradi or another member of our skilled and friendly staff today in order to discover if EMSELLA might be the best way to combat your bout with urinary incontinence.

We invite all patients from in and around the San Diego, CA area to schedule a consultation and find a treatment that works for them. Contact Moradi M.D. today to schedule yours.

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