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What To Know About Surgery - Patient Information

The following are general guidelines for before and after surgical procedure. All patients will have a pre-operative appointment with Dr. Moradi prior to surgery where medical examination would be performed and all patient questions answered. All pre-operative and post-operative instructions will be given at the pre-operative appointment.

Before Surgery:

Be prepared to discuss your medical history with your surgeon. Proper diet is essential for subsequent health after surgery. Patient may be required to discontinue certain supplements and medication. Patient will need to have a responsible adult friend or family member drive them home and care for them. It is required that patients inform surgeon of history of smoking or use of tobacco products, as this may adversely affect the outcome.

After Surgery:

Patient will be discharged in the care of a responsible adult friend or family member. This person will need to care for the patient over the first night after surgery. All medications will have been provided at the pre-operative appointment and will be taken as instructed. If there are any questions or concerns at any time after surgery, the patient is encouraged to call Dr. Moradi’s cell phone as soon as possible. The patient will return to the office within one week after surgery for evaluation with Dr. Moradi. Sutures are normally removed ten days after surgery. Patients are encouraged to start walking the next day after surgery. Daily walks are encouraged. All post-operative visits will always be with Dr. Moradi.